Nepsis Mama presents film talk, part 1
Nepsis Mama presents film talk part 1

Nepsis Mama presents film talk part 1

June 7, 2021

In this the first episode of a new podcast series two comedians - aren't we all? - Noel James and his son Paul James (no relation) endeavour to discuss things coherently. The objects of their banter are Shane, the 1953 classic western and one of Noel's favourites, plus Rogue One (released 2016), a Star Wars story -one of Paul's pet loves. Each Jamesy argues why and what is good about each movie, which leads to jolly good fragmented argument, all done in a genuine working class welsh Valleys accent  - i heard it from the Dream Horse's mouth mun !  "If it were edited it'd give Mark Kermode a run for his money" - Mike Unwin, an acquaintance of Mr Kermode's at Manchester University.

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